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Data Services
Advance Reproductions offers comprehensive data conversion services for photomask and phototool generation. Registered as an ISO 9001:2008 company since 1999, our renowned Cad and Customer Support Service Organization will work closely with your design assuring a seamless transition from data layout to complete photomasks or phototools.

We are a leading supplier of high-quality photomasks and phototools to manufacturers throughout the world for semiconductor, hybrid, microwave, nanotechnology, display and electronic packaging industries. We offer a variety of services including custom shaped substrates, vacuum deposition, engineered tooling and custom finishing for photomasks.

Advance is one of the most respected photoplotting service providers in the industry. We offer complete artwork services utilizing the latest imaging technology including raster and vector laser photoplotting with film sizes up to 32” X 36”. Advance can accept a variety of 2D data formats including Gerber, Postscript and DXF.

Colleges & Universities
Advance Reproductions takes pride in supporting the high precision photomask requirements of colleges and universities, both nationally and internationally. Our knowledgeable Sales Associates and Customer Service group will assist both students and staff members with the implementation and successful completion of all of your microlithography projects..

Advance Reproductions has direct sales representatives nationwide, and a dedicated support staff to assist you with technical questions, job status updates, and pricing information.

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