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Advance Reproductions Corporation is one of the most respected high quality service organizations in the printed circuit industry.  We provide complete PCB and flex circuit artwork phototooling services including, same day and twenty-four hour raster and vector laser photoplotting, computer aided drafting and panelization, full reprographic support, complete documentation and custom artwork tooling services.


We are experts in high precision artwork generation and have provided dependable, cost efficient services to hundreds of clients for over 25 years.


Experience and State-of-the-Art Equipment
Our staff is one of the most experienced in the nation.  Our equipment is the finest available.  This is why more printed circuit board and flex circuit manufacturers utilize us for high precision artwork generation and phototooling services.


Data Transfer Capabilities
Data transfer is just an FTP or a phone call away.  Advance maintains servers 24x7 for uploading data files for Computer Aided Drafting and photoplotting.  A fax machine is also available for hard copy transfer.


Additional Services
Advance also provides complete high precision photomasking services including, computer aided drafting, pattern generation, image repeating, photomask reprints and custom photomask tooling services.


Photoplotting Specifications

Same Day Photoplotting Services

1 MDA FIRE 9900 Laser Photoplotter   32" x 36" Film Size, 1/8 mil or 1/4 mil Resolution
2 MDA FIRE 9650 Laser Photoplotters   26" x 37" Film Size
1 MDA FIRE 960HR Laser Photoplotter   1/16 mil or 1/8 mil Resolution

Advance has direct sales representatives nationwide and a dedicated support staff to assist you with technical questions, job status updates, and pricing information.

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